| FTBL 🏈💪 ~ Alabama Football Spring Camp~ Video and interviews from Thursday's final practice before A-Day

Simpson looking like the best quarterback to me. Mack is very quick and fast for his size. Milroe looks fast, but seems a half second late on his reads.

Haynes looks great. Kobe Prentice looks great. Keon Keely running with what I'm considering the 2's and looks very fast.
Specifically what are you seeing that makes you say that? Reads, arm strength, changing the play....
Widely reported the The Bear wanted him to be the coach after him.. He tried to talk him out of Auburn.. I never like Dye at all, but you cant say he was a bad coach.. And he is dead now..so movin on now..
I did not say he wasn't a good coach but great? Dye was not a great coach. That is reserved for NC's coaches like Bryants, CNS etc... Now not all NC coaches are great see Orgeron, Miles and Chizik...
Placement of his passes, timing, fit into tight windows, and looked comfortable.
Production: he's had the best spring.

So much is situational in these outings...

He had a bit of a "come to Jesus" moment when he was asked about Jaeden. Made me laugh: "how did you know about Jaeden?"

My comment to DeBoer? "Dude. IF you allow people to watch a practice...ya might find someone in that group that watches football. Just sayin'"
I'm really liking CKD and the direction this team is heading right now. I think we're going to see a more contemporary product on the field. I just really hope that the absolute best players at each position start. This includes the quarterback. I love JM and if he's the best then start him but if another guy is playing better, we have to feel the best player at each position.
I will take it one step further nothing from the Barner cow pasture program should be compared to Bama. We should never stoop that low or allow them to be elevated to Bamas stature.
The kid’s got IT. You can teach skills, and practice skills, but if one does not have heart, he can only go so far. Jalen has passion for the game and compassion and love for everyone who loves it like he does. JMHO
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