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An interesting read. Coach Bryant's health had been declining pretty rapidly for the last year or so of his life, as we learned after the fact. From the little I've heard around hear, Joe Pa is in pretty good health for his years. I know he and Coach Bryant became close, and undoubtedly that has a lot to do with his present feelings.
I was 12 when Coach Bryant retired. I cried like a baby because I always wanted to play for the "Bear". I told my parents that I thought Coach Bryant would die being away from football. At the time, I had no idea it would be just 28 days later. I have often thought the same thing about Paterno and Bowden. Its family and football with very few hobbies or none at all. It's sad for JoPa.
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Or this... :lol:

That's an oldie there!

Bobby Bowden

How come when I hear him say, "slugger," I'm thinking "sucker?"
I know this one ain't about Coach Joe Pa, but it does touch upon the topic of old age while a coach.


I was trying to find the other one he did where they're at football practice and he comes walking over to the bench and sweet talks the kicker out of his burger. The kicker goes running into the huddle and you see Bowden on the bench, "like taking candy from a baby".

Then at the end he's at the bench again with a lineman eating a burger and is like, "son, what's a smart kid like you doing on the bench? Get in there". Kid goes running into the huddle, "coach said I could play quarterback"!

Joe Paterno is an icon. I'm really gonna hate it when he has to exit the game. I did have a minor brush with the great 'Joe Pa' many years ago.

It was about this time of year back in 1982. Alabama and Penn St. were both in the top 5 and were both undefeated. Penn State had just whipped Nebraska and were looking pretty good when they came to Birmingham to play us.

I went to the game with a few of my buddies. During pre-game warm-ups we could see from a distance that Joe Pa was wearing these dark blue pants with what appeared to be some type of strange looking patterns on them. We couldn't quite make out what the patterns were, so we went down to the field level to get a closer look.

We got down there and he's pacing back and forth, hands on his hips, in amongst his players who are on the ground stretching. The first thing that struck me about him up close was how short he is. I'm only 6'1" but I was absolutely towering over the guy. So, we get a little closer to look at the design pattern on his pants - expecting it to be some kind of Lion or Nittany Lion or whatever. But, up close they appeared to be little white outlines of whales! ??? You know, like Carvel Ice Cream "Fudgey the Whale".:lol: And of course, in Joe Pa fashion, the pants were also of the high water variety being about 3 inches too short and exposing those bunched up white socks. So, we're about 10 or 15 feet away from him and one of my buddies says "Nice pants, Joe"! He casually glances up to see us leaning against a fence, all dressed in Crimson and he didn't say a word. Just put his head back down and kept pacing. Now I'm thinking about how rude the comment may have sounded, so a few minutes later when he's pacing back toward us I yelled "You guys gonna win today?". To my surprise, he actually responded. In that heavy accent of his, he mumbled something like "if owa buoys can hang on tada footbawl we might have a chance". He then just kept on pacing. We watched for a few more minutes then headed back up to watch the game.

Penn State won the National Championship that year by beating Georgia and Herschel Walker. But, Alabama wound up winning this game 42-21 giving Penn State their only loss that year.
It's going to really be a shame when JoePa bows out of Penn State. It's actually been pretty disgusting up in these parts having to listen to people calling for his head over the past few years. I really hope that if we don't manage to make it to the national championship PSU wins it and Paterno can walk away on top. I know my friends who are PSU alum are rooting for a Bama-PSU showdown, hopefully it happens.

I can say this Paterno is nothing but pure class. he used to come to my high school and do some recruiting and when he was there, he'd ask to meet briefly with every senior on the team. The kids that had no chance of going forward with football, he would give some life lessons and advice, and promote Penn State a little. He told me something similar to what my father always told me... that an education is the one thing in life that no one can take away from you. And that I should focus the next years of my life to build a foundation for my future. I couldn't believe the guy would take time to do that - especially with every senior on the team - and I'm sure he did that with just about every high school he went to. That's a commitment to young people advancing, not just football players. Pure class, plain and simple.
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