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Overall a great game for Bama today. The running game looked excellent and another great performance by Terry Grant. I like the stretch blocking style we're using this season. It really does give Grant the cutback ability he needs and allows the line to be more athletic. It sure is great to see some Misdirections, Tosses, and other running plays rather then a straight dive or off tackle. Arkansas should be a better test for the running game next weekend. They are a better run defense but not by far.

My concerns going into next week is if our defense can stop the Arkansas running game. I am pretty confident that Coach Saban will have a gameplan. It will certainly be the front 7's first real test, thats for sure. I'm not all that concerned about the passing game actually. We have all the tools there, and its definitely better than in years past. I'm hoping that when we open up the playbook against Arkansas, it will have some shotgun formations. It will surely be helpful to have more then 2 WR's running routes. :D

Oh yeah, we're 2-0 and the Barn is 1-1. Roll Tide. :wink:
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