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The Resident College Football Expert Week 7 – Mrs. Expert

Mrs. Expert’s Corner

Mrs. Resident College Football Expert wants to tell the small segment of Expert fans that continue to harass the Expert over his recent run of bad picks that we are tired of it. Over the last week we have had for sale signs put in our yard, our home has had eggs thrown on it and I'm pretty sure someone slashed the tires on Mrs. Expert’s car (thought the cops still believe they are just simultaneously combusted, the investigation continues). You do know that the Expert is just trying to help you make sweet, sweet money (not that he would ever participate in or promote illegal gambling), don’t you? If what the Expert and his intern did was so wrong, why are so many of you still reading every week? Do you people realize that if it wasn’t for your Expert, someone much more stupider would be making the picks every week? Maybe even someone who didn’t hate North Texas. Mrs. Expert knows that if the Expert had picked Stanford last week not one of you would care about the UT-UGA pick, but I guess that is the life of a College Football Expert. The Expert is so depressed that he has to take Lunesta just to get a decent night of sleep. I woke up one night and found the Expert sitting in the floor crying and clutching a gambling sheet he received from Lee Corso during a visit we made to College Gameday. All he wants to do is make correct picks, gamble, and drink excessively. His dream is to go 10-0 one week, for you, his loving and faithful readers. The Expert just needs a little more time and he will give you all a week of picks we can all be proud of. Charles Barkley called the Expert on Sunday to let us know he has lost millions of dollars betting the Expert’s picks this season but he’s hanging in there. Maybe all of you need to learn a lesson from him.

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