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Some quick observations from the game:

1). Offensive Play Calling-
This area, although vanilla, was still better than at any point under the past staff. Plays were called that set up other plays. Everything was designed to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers. It would nice to see the sweep return to Bama. It used to be a staple in our running attack. Terry Grant is a stud a RB and is one of the top backs in the SEC and the best back in this state.

2). Defensive Play Calling- Due to the type of offense WCU employed, we ran mostly a nickel package. It was nice to see a return of the blitz at BDS. Kines was more "read & react", where Saban is more aggressive like Stallings was. It's not the "press-man" defense Gene used, but there are similarities. We need to be a little tougher in the middle, but there was good effort and intensity.

3). Coaching- The team was clearly a well coached team. There was discipline and mental focus. The players are also in much better condition relative to their former conditioning program. Sorry...I couldn't resist that one!!

4). Overall- I can already see improvement in this team. This was not a true test or any game to gauge the team by; but it does show that we are in much better position to improve and progress as the season goes on. It gives plenty of reason to believe the future is very bright under this coaching staff...
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