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@SnakeDoc Say what you will about Pruitt but IMO he was the best DC here under Saban.
10RC screwed us over when they hired Pruitt as HC. The loss of JP at that time was the 1st crack in the Dynasty foundation. That triggered the failed promotion of Tosh to DC (Nick didn't want to lose him as a recruiter). Then we promote Pete to DC due to the failed Tosh deal.

Now we have Steele.
Makes the choice of recruiting over coaching look bad in hindsight.
Correct!..sometimes we focus solely on winning the recruiting title too much… then we end up with a lot of 3 to 4 year pine riders.. we trust these recruiting services too much… a lot of these so-called four and five stars don’t know how to act when they’re not the big man at the high school anymore..
Recruiting is equally as important. People bemoan not having an elite WRs (they look really good this year), OL, DL etc yet in hindsight wanted assistants picked for coaching ability and not recruiting ability.

Ideally you get both. The number of elite assistants Saban has lost to teams he ends up playing is astounding. That's the issue.
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