| FTBL Nick Saban's thoughts on Britney Spears lol



Came across this on youtube, thought it was pretty funny and that you guys would enjoy it.

This is, I believe, a play on an ESPN announcer who inexplicably started rambling on about Britney Spears during an Alabama game.

I am not sure what game. I am not even sure if it was an ESPN announcer, but I do remember it happening this past year.

The game, whoever Alabama was playing, was nearing the end, I think it may have been Georgia. All of a sudden, this joker starts talking about Britney Spears, quite odd.
Yeah, it was against Georgia. Can't remember who the announcer was but he did announce for ESPN. It was in overtime right before Georgia went on offense.
Figured this was a play off the Coors light commercials....with the guys asking coaches questions about Coors light....Denny Green, etc.
When I watched that I could not pay attention to those dude's trying to be funny. I payed attention to Saban's intensity. He is a scary dude. You could tell he was mega-pissed off.
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