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I am new to the forum, and I am really impressed. I plan to use this site often. I have asked this question on other Bama sites and was wondering what you guys think. What are the realistic expectations for this year? The two things I am looking foward to is consistent, qualtity coaching, and a winning effort in the fourth quarter. I think we can go 10-2 or 9-3 (barring any major injuries)but realistically I think we will be more like 7-5. Experienced depth will be an issue especially in the defensive front seven. What do you guys think?
Welcome aboard, hope you stick around and post with us.

A realistic season for this team would be a 8 win season. Anything else will be icing on the cake. :wink:
Hey 21. Welcome to the site. We hope you enjoy the place enough to hang around some. :)

As far as this year goes I would be happy if the team (1)won 7 games (2) beating the teams they were supposed to beat and not getting upset (3) showed improvement every game. Under Shula the team did none of that most years. Especially the constant improvement. Often the team seemed to get worse as the year went on.

What I think will happen is that we win 8 games likely winning atleast one against UGA, AU, FSU, UT, LSU.

FSU is going to have a strong D, but I'm not sure how good the O will be.

UT is replacing much of their offense and something like 7 starters on defense.

UGA and LSU will be tough.

AU is AU. It'll be a close, hard-faught game going either way.

I do think the team will improve week in and week out. I think the offense will score points and the defensive front 7 should improve over the course of the year with more playing time and experience.

8 wins would be great. We could possibly win more, or we could end up with only 7. I feel like 8 is a good, realistic number though (not counting a possible bowl win).
I agree with you porkchop. Although I think the defensive front seven is our weakness I think with a great coaching staff they will improve from week to week. Also, McCullough and Chapman will get better every week. One thing I am worried about is us losing to one team we should not. Saban has done that in the past (i.e. UAB in 2000). All in all, I am glad to have a coach who will give us a chance to win week in and week out and will put team who will put forth 100% effort in every game. We did not have that with CMS.
Welcome to the site 21.

I. like evryone else, can't wait for football season. Much of what I look for has already been posted above. The biggest thing I hope to see is a team that continues to improve all season long, and a team that is strong in the 4th qtr.

I don't know how many wins we will notch, but I echo what chop said...we shouldsolidly win the games we are supposed to win, and be very competitive in those that we are the underdog in. I look for us to win one upset too.
When I see threads like this I consitantly wonder. If Saban improved the win total at every school by at least 3 wins his first season, did the same with Miami, what's not to expect the same result next year?

While I don't take prognostications from the talking heads and different radio personalities seriously, I do find it amusing that I've heard at least 3 people on ESPN Radio call for 10 wins next season.

All that being said, I find myself falling into the 9 win category. Funny, the same question was posed to Cecil the other day during a chat (read the transcript) and his reply to someone who thought it would be a 9 win season was, "That's not unrealistic."
Welcome 21. I'll be happy with a team that plays a full four quarters and plays to win every game instead of trying not to lose.

Wins over UT and the Barn would make me particularly happy.
I too agree with the realistic expectation of 8 wins. I think we might be able to win a game or two extra due to the fact of having a favorable home schedule this year. Most Bama fans I talk to are realistic in that expectation and ALL of us will be pleased with a winning season, but mainly improvement through the season without being dominated in the 4th quarter due to lack of conditioning.
Welcome 21, from another new guy. I think Porkchop pretty well summed up my thoughts. I'm looking for 7 to 8 regular season wins and a bowl win. I think that it's funny how pre-season last year I heard several of the so-called experts saying that last season would be mediocre, but this year would be a breakout year for Alabama. Now, some of the same guys are saying that we have no talent compared to the rest of the conference. All I know is I'm happy with the direction the team is going, I don't base my life on what talking heads have to say, I've got my tickets, and I can't wait for September 1.

Roll Tide!!!
Welcome to RTB.com I don't see us losing any. But I've been told I wear 8) color glasses too. :)

What I like to see is playing the whole game and not 3 1/2 and giving up.
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