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I really can't think of what to say in this post. This is just an attempt to get the thought off of LSU and Auburn. We have two more games before them and I really would like it if fans would stop thinking about it (at least verbally and on the internet) It's that type of thinking that makes us so cocky about MSU and end up losing.

We really need to embarass croom, I'd like to see him say something about "our players" like he did in 05'.
I have not seen anyone acting as if they could look past MSU. If they are, they better wake up from that dream. :roll:

While MSU is no LSU, they are a capable team and have improved much this season from the beginning.

The only people I see still talking about LSU still are on tidefans and tigerdroppings.....

I'm not going to get into the Auburn game until its time to play them. One game at the time and I guarantee that is exactly what Saban and staff are telling the boys. They understand Croom is no walk over. Their defense is strong IMHO and they can pound the ball.
I am sure he is feeling "cocky" about playing us since he came out with a win over Auburn this season.

Let's just come out of this weekend with a win so we don't fall victim to being "Croomed"......... like our orange and blue rivals. We can not overlook this team at all and I am sure Saban and the other coaches are preparing the team for that.
My worry right now is more with our hurt and suspended players as well if we can hold the line on both sides of the ball for 60 minutes (61 minutes in Croomville :lol: ).

It's going to be close and hopefully we will edge out a "W".
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