| OT Each SEC Team's Best sport? A stab at it...

Brandon Van de Graaff

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Was thinking about this while watching some of the OU/FSU softball game... while hard to measure, I got to wondering what each school's best sport was. I'm doing it with very little research so this is probably off on several teams, but I'm trying to do so by using a cumulative 10 years or so of overall results (i.e. most likely to win championships in the past decade). And I'm not real up on stuff like swimming, volleyball, and track & field, but I'd certainly consider those in this exercise. I'm also putting stuff like track & field and swimming under 1 umbrella, not men's or women's.

Alabama- Football
Arkansas- Track & Field
auburn- Equestrian (you can laugh, but prove me wrong)
Florida- Track & Field
Georgia- Football
Kentucky- Men's Basketball I guess.
LSU- Baseball
Mississippi State- Baseball
Missouri- Track & Field? Wrestling? (I had to look this one up... they aren't really good at anything, letting them in the SEC was dumb... they aren't worth the TV market)
Ole Miss- Baseball
Oklahoma- Softball
South Carolina- Women's Basketball
Tennessee- Softball
Texas- Swimming
Texas A&M- Track & Field (this one is hard... talk about some underachievers)
Vanderbilt- Baseball
Baseball. If we're judging things of late, it's baseball. He's winning at a place UT hasn't seen before.
That argument could certainly be made... I'd have to look, but over the last 10 years I'd think softball has had more sustained success, but Vitello hasn't been there quite that long either. Going forward, baseball may have a slight edge.

Basketball is where I'd go...a lot of sports floundering there. Their softball program was playing good ball a few years ago.
They are basically Vandy without the baseball program. Or smarts.
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