| FTBL Last week it was women's soccer, this week - Britney!

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What the heck was up with Mike Patrick's comment about Britney Spears last night, especially at such a crucial point in the football game? What spurred that little unexpected outburst?

I think it was just his goofy way of saying the UGA/Bama game was great!

I think he made the comment just to make fun of stupid pop culture news. I actually thought it was funny. It kept me from freaking out at the game for a moment. I think it was his way of saying that football is more important than the celeb crap people love to enjoy.

Instead of talking about Brit...talk about football. I think that's why he said it.

Just before the half, they went on and on about food..food...food...food and who had the best tail gate....food. Times like that I'd rather watch it on the Lincoln broadcasts, even it if rips me from my HDTV.
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