| FTBL It's now or never for 'Zo'

From the article....
"There’s not many people out there with an offensive line as good as ours. I think that helps.”

Huh? Boy, I sure hope he's right on that one.

I saw him after a game last year walking arm in arm with who I assume was his mom. No one bothered him, no one tried to stop him, no one seemed to notice him, nothing. Heck, I bet most people didn't even know who he was even with his #97 jersey on walking past the front of the stadium.

You could tell he was down, and his mom was encouraging him and giving him a pep talk. It was more than a football moment at that time; it was more of a parent child moment. I almost said something to the degree of keep your chin up, we're rooting for you Zo. But then I decided that moment needed to stay just between mom and son.

I hope he can have a year where everyone will know who #97 is. He seems like a great guy, and I'll be cheering him on. :)
He was high on my wish list coming out of high school in Georgia. Then when he had to go to Hargrave, I was happy for him that it did not derail his goal of making it to Bama. I too have looked for big things from him. Here's to hoping he shines this year. Go get'em ZO.
I've been waiting for this guy to bust up in the deepth chart since he commited on FSN at 17 years old. Hopefully he'll have a great year and start next season.
Zo has never developed like most of us thought he would. The previous staff got very little out of him, but with the poor depth at NT right now, he's going to get his chance. Hopefully, he'll make the most of it. If not, Josh Chapman or Alfred McCullough will get a shot (as Motley's back-up).
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