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You can be assured of one thing......Auburn will play like world beaters Saturday. This is their National Championship game every year. Rushing the field....Rolling Toomers Corner. As one barner told me. Beating Bama is more important than any SEC or NC.
Leading up to the 2020 season when everything was up in the air in regards to how the season would play out and if there would even be a season, some barners were seriously HOPING for the season to be cancelled either on the whole or just their season. The reason why is so they could hold bragging rights for another year. True story. They were willing to forego an entire season and set their program back even further just for that.

Alabama scoring

Alabama average scoring: 36.5 (16th nationally)
Auburn average. pts allowed: 21.5 (40)

Auburn scoring

Auburn scoring average: 27.5 (69)
Alabama avg. pts allowed: 17.4 (14)

3rd down offense

Alabama: 50.0% (7)
Auburn: 32.8% (114)
Note: Alabama has converted 70.6% of its third downs in three November games. That’s 24-for-34. Auburn has a 29.7% success rate in conference games (27-for-91).

3rd down defense

Alabama: 33.9% (30)
Auburn: 30.9% (17

Red zone scoring

Alabama: 95.0% (4)
Auburn: 85.7% (58)
Note: Alabama’s scoring touchdowns on 75% of those 40 red zone trips. Auburn’s RZ TD rate is 65.7%, good for 45th nationally.

Red zone defense

Alabama: 80.0% (45)
Auburn: 77.8% (31)

Note: Alabama’s allowed touchdowns on exactly half of the 30 RZ trips, good for 19th nationally. Auburn’s rate is 52.8%.

20-yard plays when Alabama has the ball

Alabama: 67 (9)
Auburn: 52 (87)

Note: Alabama has one of the most potent big-play offenses that has 16 passes of 40+ yards, tied for No. 4 nationally there.

20-yard plays when Auburn has the ball

Alabama: 44 (45)
Auburn: 41 (97)
Note: Auburn’s big-play passing game hasn’t been there. It has 27 throws of 20+ ranks 100th. The longest throw of the season went 53 yards from Thorne to Rivaldo Fairweather.

Source: How Alabama and Auburn compare entering Iron Bowl

I would expect Alabama to dial it up and push the tempo, with mixture of playcalling on run/pass. Make them fall behind fast.
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