| FTBL Herbstriet talking about BAMA...

We were SOOO close in so many games under Shula that I think this team under Saban sees 9 wins this year. Everyone talks about how close the teams of the SEC are. In this conference Saban will make a bigger difference than in other conferences because the impact of the differences is magnified.

BTW, the kid in the background of the video is a riot.
Wow, Herbstreit is ok with me. I've always liked Mark May also. He goes against the grain a good bit and pretty much acts like Lou Hotz is a dumbass.
Herbstreit's little kid was funny in that video if you noticed him. Walked back behind his dad look over and was like "what's going on?" then walked off camera.

like everyone else says, it's nice to get some positive comments. I can't wait. Tomorrow morning (when I leave for Tuscaloosa) won't get here soon enough.
OK, now I'm fired up. Wow, to hear all of them saying we'll see immediate improvement and immediate results...wow. :)

Don't you worry though, I still feel sick about this weekend. To say I'm nervous about this game doesn't even begin to describe it. :D
AlabamaMan said:
Tider 27 said:
Possibly the worst joke ever? O'Saban bin Lion? I don't know whether to laugh at the guy or feel sorry for him...

it's bin lyin' i think.

Oh...well guess I went the other way with the pronunciation/spelling. :lol:

Still horrible though...
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