| BSB/SB ⚾#23 Alabama vs. Ole Miss; Bama takes series with 10-3 Saturday win.

Yeah, that's why I really would have liked to have seen it there... and Eblin handles the bat well enough, he may could have even bunted for a hit.
I had one of my former players come in the store yesterday and he said that his son didn’t have any confidence at the plate right now. My response, “Have him bunt!” A bunt or putting on the hit and run can trigger it for a guy.
When I was in HS, I started my sophomore season of in a HUGE slump 0-15 and hadn’t touched a ball! Coach DH’d for me and limited my cuts in BP. My dad solved my issues by cutting a broom handle the same length as my bat and had me move rocks out of the yard. Toss one up and hit it. I worked my way out on my own! Ended the season .400+ and led the team in HRs and RBIs.
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