| BSB/SB ⚾#23 Alabama vs. Ole Miss; Bama takes series with 10-3 Saturday win.

Gotcha, so just long ball. I like having someone with an actual approach now and is stubborn about it.

We need some more consistency at the plate and definitely need better arms. Hope Vaughn can be a good recruiter.

Well, long ball yes, but mostly just hard hitting ball. He doesn't have the lineup yet that's really built for it, but he's getting the most out of what he does have (which is promising). Next step, is proving he can go out and get the right guys and hold onto them, which he says will be his focus. IMO, he's been a bit too aggressive at the plate this year overall, especially with some guys... example, way too much swinging at the first pitch in the wrong situations, but he's also still learning, and hard to argue too much with how much juice he's gotten from the squeeze (because again, a lot of these guys are not high level SEC hitters).

On paper, the arms on the staff are pretty good overall, they've just been inconsistent and injuries have been a killer. Some young guys that need to get better, but they have some high ceilings there. The defense has been awful this year, but that was expected with what was lost and what was left to work with. It will get better.
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