| FTBL Help needed! Got screwed by Big 10 Country



They finally put out the tv listings for this weekend, and of course Mich St. and Cal will be playing instead of the Bama/Clemson game. Who gives a s*** about these two teams?!?! Sorry, I'm really pissed off about this. Anyways to the point of this thread, I believe it has been mentioned that instead ordering the whole ESPN Gameplan package, it can be ordered from week to week or something like that. This is something I need to do. If anybody know how to go about doing this, or if anyone has any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and @#$% the Big 10! Oh yeah, RTR.

Edit: Got this whole thing squared away after sorting through telephone bots and I got a real person on the phone. Turns out they had the Mich State game listed, but it's a blackout and they are showing the Bama game. ;scr But anyways, I get to watch the game, woo hooo!!!! RTR, lets get to tiger poaching!
Better yet go to channelsurfing.net and you can watch just about any sporting event including PPV's for free. You have to use IE but its how I watch all of the UFC's for example.
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