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My wife just called and told me that UA refunded me the amount for the 2 FSU tix. :cry:

I ordered 2 from public sale also, but I have heard no one is getting those. :roll:

I guess I need to donate more money so I can go on the road. :shock:
Yeah, we ordered tickets for my brother for the season opener and the homecoming game. We received the tickets for the first game, but not the homecoming game. We still haven't heard what the deal is with those.
I ordered the FSU tickets and have not heard either way. I have recieved no email nor refund. So, not sure if thats good or bad. I got in super early that day.......wishful thinking... :?
I ordered 2 though the public sale in March, I just called and they said I would get my 2 tickets at the end of August. While that gives me hope, until they arrive in the mail I'll stay on edge. They never credited my account though, so I've got that going for me. :?
Don't know if FSU tickets fall into this ctegory or not, but I just found out that all single game tickets will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the actual game. So, maybe it's the same with the FSU game.
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