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Hello Roll Tide Bama Peeps. Got a favor to ask any of those that may be interested, but we are having out First Annual College Football Bowl Pick 'Em as a fundraiser for our 10U baseball team to help with the expenses of the Spring season. Please read below for rules and e-mail I sent to the team, and attached is the spreadsheet. Each entry is $10 with cash prizes!!!

If you decide to play just circle your picks and get me the team you think scores the most points and then as a tiebreaker send me the score to all three Playoff games combines. The Excel version of the sheet won't upload here. Thanks for everyone's attention and we appreciate any all support. Roll Tide.

We are having our 1st Annual Five Star College Football Bowl Pick 'Em. This will be a fundraiser for our 10U baseball team to help support the financial costs of the Spring baseball season. One entry = $10 and you can have as many entries as you want. Prize money will be determined once I see how many people are involved, but we'll have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prize...as well as giving last place their money back. Only one prize per person.

The idea is to correctly pick the winner of each of the 43 games. Each game is worth a different amount of points from 10-50, points have been assigned by me and will not change.

Make sure you put your name and email address and tiebreaker on the top left of the "Entry" tab. That's the easy part, I hope. The tiebreaker is the total number of points scored by both teams in the 3 (THREE) College Football Playoff games.

From there, pick the winner of each game using the drop-down boxes found in column "I"

Each game is worth the number of points as shown in column "H" (Games like South Hawaii Central State vs Nevada Southeastwestern Tech are worth the fewest points while the College Football Playoff Games are each worth 50 and a bunch of others in between)

Five bonus points can be earned by predicting which team scores the most points of all the 84 bowl teams (see cell "I-54" for that). The National Championship Game is excluded from this, so that each team plays 1 game.

If you have trouble with the spreadsheet, get in touch with me and we can work something out. You can also send me your picks and I can add them. Just don’t come to me in the last 24 hours telling me you’re having issues. I won’t have time to help.

If you enter the pool and don't hear from me by the end of the first day of games, reach out to me, I may have missed your email! I'll try my best to have everyone's picks out and standings posted after the first day of games.

Remember, outside of prize money, 100% of these proceeds go to the boys and helping lower the cost of the season for them.




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