| FTBL Frank Broyles

BigAl said:
Would you think most of the Arkinslaw faithful are glad old Franky baby is gone?

The younger crowd may, but those who understand the manner Ath. Dept's are managed are sad to see him go. He's done one hell of a job up there with the "bottom line."
TerryP is right, the younger folks don't understand, but it's time for him to retire. 50 years is 50 years, he can't stay forever. Frank is a master at raising money and has developed many relationships that have sustained our athletic program. As many of you know, there is a lot of money up there between the Tysons, Waltons, Hunts, Jerry Jones and many others. Frank is responsible for raising $250 million and has done a superb job.

However, we have a new era with the new AD Jeff Long, Bobby Petrino and John Pelphrey. I am excited about our future. I believe that we are loaded in the SEC West with great football coaches and it's going to be a lot fun to watch next season.
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