| FTBL The "old school logo" at midfield instead of the script A?

My question revolves around what you would think about the block A, with the elephant, at mid field in BDS.

I find it interesting seeing Oats sporting the old school A when he got here.
Ashley shows up. Sporting the old school A.
DeBoer shows up. Sporting the old school A.

Follow along with my drug addled brain. We are seeing a "rebranding," of sorts.

Conspiracy 101 is now in session.
I have noticed the same. I have a theory. Shocking, right?

Boomers, who bonded with these “traditional” logos, have all the wealth in this country. In this NIL age, schools must utilize any marketing tactic available to them to pull at Boomer heart strings to give up some of their generational wealth.
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