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Tuberville said, adding later that recruiting "is a small part of a coach's job. The No. 1 thing about a coach's job is evaluating. Anybody can recruit. You have to be able to evaluate and be good at picking the guys that can play.

So, evaluating talent is not part of recruiting?

This was a year when a lot of people were desperate in recruiting, it looked like.

So, if a coach is out recruiting, instead of duck hunting, they are desperate?

noting that he and his staff "evaluate not just athletic ability, and that's what most of the star rankings are. They don't look at character and attitude, and we put as much of an effort to judge players on that as we do athletic ability."

I agree that character and attitude are important, but, doesn't it sound like he's saying all these "star" ranked guys don't have the right character or attitude?

I'm one of the few Alabama fans that has always liked Tubs. I like his cocky attitude, and have always believed he was/is a good coach. But some of the stuff he says in that article is pure spin.
No wonder the Barn fans are delusional and mentaly unstable. Their coach is delusional to the point that you'd think he was on some kind of drug. Like what was said above....you can spin anyway you want it's still pure B.S
I just think right now he and the barner nation are shocked a bit and don't know exactly how to deal with it.
That's why he's spinning it. No one exept the barners are buying it. They're dazed from the impact.
kudzu said:
That song is very befitting and the name says it all. Nice job. :lol:

Yep, "What goes up, must come down . . . " :lol:

Heck, there's even a semblance of a War Eagle at the beginning of the clip.

Crimson Pirate really nailed it with his BS&T remark. Uncanny, CP, simply uncanny.
Said something about this in another post and really didn't want to say anything again but.....

Tubberville is full of ________.

You can fill in the blank.
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