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Ya know how dangerous it can be when a team who made some mistakes wins a game and let's the high feeling take away their seriousness about the next game. I was worried about, especially with Georgia on the schedule. Then, I saw the following in an Athens Newspaper:

"The talk from a team that has played both Alabama and Georgia already this season gives the Bulldogs an edge.

"Georgia is a little more skilled than Alabama," Western Carolina coach Kent Briggs said before Alabama beat Arkansas Saturday night. Western Carolina lost to Alabama 52-6 Sept. 1 and to Georgia 45-16 this past Saturday.

"Alabama was great, but Georgia was faster and stronger," Catamounts quarterback Todd Spitzer said."

Lord, I hope Saban sees this one, and passes it on to the DC!!!!!!
I've seen this several places and think people put WWAAAAYY to much stock in it.

This is a twenty something kid who has had his a$$ shellacked twice in 3 weeks.

They scored 6 points on us and we played our 2nd and 3rd stringers after the 2nd QTR.

They managed 16 against UGA (?).

Given the choice-
would you claim WCU "improvement" (more pts against a tougher UGA)
WCU "improvement" = "weaker" UGA

What would You claim?? :D
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