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Ya know how dangerous it can be when a team who made some mistakes wins a game and let's the high feeling take away their seriousness about the next game. I was worried about, especially with Georgia on the schedule. Then, I saw the following in an Athens Newspaper:

"The talk from a team that has played both Alabama and Georgia already this season gives the Bulldogs an edge.

"Georgia is a little more skilled than Alabama," Western Carolina coach Kent Briggs said before Alabama beat Arkansas Saturday night. Western Carolina lost to Alabama 52-6 Sept. 1 and to Georgia 45-16 this past Saturday.

"Alabama was great, but Georgia was faster and stronger," Catamounts quarterback Todd Spitzer said."

Lord, I hope Saban sees this one, and passes it on to the DC!!!!!!


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Swamptick said:
That just makes no sense to me. We beat them harder and pulled our starters out quicker.

consider the difference in recruiting over the last few seasons, and it should begin to make sense.


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I've seen this several places and think people put WWAAAAYY to much stock in it.

This is a twenty something kid who has had his a$$ shellacked twice in 3 weeks.

They scored 6 points on us and we played our 2nd and 3rd stringers after the 2nd QTR.

They managed 16 against UGA (?).

Given the choice-
would you claim WCU "improvement" (more pts against a tougher UGA)
WCU "improvement" = "weaker" UGA

What would You claim?? :D
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