| FTBL Courtney Upshaw

It won't be long before you notice him at LB. Some of those new guys are starting to find their way. Upshaw and Dareus are 2 examples. They are going to be studs on defense, and Upshaw is going to be a QB's worst nightmare.
Upshaw reminds me of that dog that you steal his food away from him. He comes looking and his intentions aren't pretty. They must chain him up through the week then turn him lose on Saturdays. He's a Beast!!
jaycoach said:
The last few weeks I have really noticed upshaw especially on special teams. He is going to be great

I watched him play against our high school football team last year and I wasn't that impressed with the effort he put forth in that game. However, I have to admit that he has turned it up a notch and has another level of play from what I witnessed because the term Headhunter comes to mind when I watch him on kickoffs. He also looks good when he gets in on the defense as well.
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