| FTBL Clemson's Koenning apologizes

Thanks for the link.
i love it, i bet he won't be talking trash once we reach up and pop his defense in the mouth a few times. I try not to make win or loss predictions but I really expect us to shock the world with this one.

if we go down, it won't be without a heck of a fight.
Please keep fueling our players, coach. I hope this stays in the headlines until kickoff. One more reason to beat their asses like the bitches they are. Sorry if I got a little excited there, but this fool obviously did not think before he opened his pie-hole. Coaches are supposed to be smarter than that...But hey, IT IS Clemson.
Vic Koenning is a nothing. He ws fired as the head coach of the University of Wyoming b/c he coul donly muster 6 wins in 3 years. When you get canned by a little dinky school like UW you're opinion about anything related to football means about as much as a soon of dog poo.

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