| FTBL Harbough Suspension Deal Breaks Down with NCAA (UM self imposes three game suspension.)

Again, what that have to do with Michigan and NCAA? Nothing in the article or this thread mentioned Alabama.
I know.. All I’m saying is other schools always get off light compared to us…Bama always got slammed.. There is a great prejudice against us …Luckily, they haven’t bothered us in a while…Hope we never get in their crosshairs again..
This whole thing reminds me of the, (paraphrasing) "we are finished when we say we are, and we are not finished..." from the NCAA to Gene Chizik at SEC Media Days years ago when he tried to portray the investigation into Cam Newton as over. Of course, we all know, the NCAA, despite their strong message public message to him, eventually did nothing of substance to back it up with actions. Over a decade later, the NCAA enforcement arm is significantly weaker when dealing with actual schools... will be interesting to see if the paper tiger has a claw left.
He wants one, or did not long ago. I'd think if he had even a wink and a nod agreement with anyone, it would be known... but I'd imagine he would bolt if he could find a landing spot... which is made more difficult by his abrasive reputation.
Harry Styles, College Football Live, mentioned how he would fit in Cleveland based on their personnel.

Here's something to chew on as well...let's say the NCAA comes back and says, "nope, here's additional games." Have you glanced at the team Michigan faces in week two of '24? Texas.
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