| FTBL Bank the $14 million...its either Miami or New Orleans


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Obviously, if we beat Florida and Tex/OU wins the Big 12, we will play the winner in Miami. However, a loss will send us to the Sugar Bowl, where we could meet a variety of teams: Cincinatti, Utah, Ohio State, Boise State, or the ACC winner. I believe that, should we lose the SEC, we will face Ohio State. Either way, we are gonna bank a load of money for the University this year...its awesome to be back in the big bowls again. What do ya'll think?
Saban is worth every million he's paid.

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, CNS is a bargain compared to Charlie Weis.

I'm focused on Atlanta right now. That's where the NC is really gonna take place. :wink:

Oh, and did I mention that despite beating Auburn 36-0, Factor is disappointed that Bama did not hang 50 on the Barners. I hate those . . .
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