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What will the final score look like?

  • BAMA in a close one

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  • Hawaii pulls the upset in stunning fashion (wins by 14 or more)

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  • Hawaii in a close one

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Okay gang! Let's start talking some football round here! Give me your thoughts on the opening game matchup between BAMA and UH.

BAMA comes in breaking in a new QB and is looking to establish itself again on defense. Hawaii comes into the season with an offense that was potent last season and is expected to be even better this year. The only knocks on UH is (1) their defense was horrible last year and (2) the team played poorly on the road.

So the question is, can BAMA play enough defense to hold Hawaii's potent passing attack in check and will the Tide be able to score enough points in its opening game?
Heat, humidity, and a more physical Bama squad will set the tone for the day.

Allen, I think they have a little something called humidity there in Hawaii. I doubt it will be a factor in TTown.

Here's my thought on the game;

Colt Brennan needed last season to get comfortable with the UH offense. Even then he threw for 35 touchdown passes. A lot of the "experts" that i have seen have this kid as the next coming of Andre Ware or something this year. Remember those old Houston teams that could drop 70 on you in a half? Yeah, I think the kid might be that good. And he has one heck of a receiving corps to help him along. UH is going to score points, that's a given.

On the other side of the ball, their defense was atrocious last season giving up 37 points per game. Even if they improve by like 5-7 points per game they probably win 8 games atleast. Does that translate into a victory against BAMA? Normally I would say not a chance but BAMA will be breaking in new starters at a number of defensive positions, so there is the potential for danger here.

I think the BAMA defense comes up with some sort of plan to stymie UH's offense just a little. They won't shut them down but they'll make them work very hard for points IMHO. Having said that, I think UH still gets theirs on offense through some big plays. I wouldn't be surprised to see UH score 20-28 on us.

The question is....can BAMA keep the ball and score enough? Probably. We will have Darby and he should figure prominently into the gameplan. Give KD 25 carries and rotate the backs to play some ball control and I think we run over their defense like a lawnmower. Mix in JPW to the receivers and I think we win a fairly tight game in the end. The defense will need a few games to really jell and UH should be a great opening test for them to build off of.

I say BAMA 35 on the strength of the running game Hawaii 24
similar sentiments here chop.

given the fact that our defense is losing such a large amount of experience, particularly in the secondary, i'm concerned with this game and facing such an offensively proficient team.

no surprise here, but i believe a practical strategy is to primarily play ball control on offense without neglecting the occasional deep ball. we CANNOT turn the ball over, and we must score TDs in the red zone.

i can remember when we lost to them we ran on them rather easily all game long, but our offense always faltered in the red zone. we can't repeat that.

and yes chop, i also expect Hawaii to put some points on the board. this year we definitely won't duplicate the defensive stats from the previous two seasons!

Bama 31
Hawaii 28
I think JK will come up with some sort of Defense to help stop UH's offense, much like in the Cotton Bowl. Glanville's defense probably isn't that good. I don't think our D will totally stop the Rainbows, but our offense should put up some good rushing yardage and let JPW hit the WR's and hopefully the TE's on some safe passes. I doubt the Rainbows have seen an enviroment like Bryant Denny on opening Saturday or Saturday night and another 10,000 seats filled with Bama faitful making a lot of noise to hopefully disrut their offense, Bama will take it by at least 13.
This team went 5-7 playing in the WAC.... The offense they have is potent with an avg of 30 points a game, but the real kicker is that they had an avg of 35 points scored against them per game. They return 2 WRs that each had over 1000 yards receiving, probably due to the fact that they pass about every down.

Not to mention they are traveling basically half way around the world to even play the game....

If Bama's secondary can hold, which they will, and Alabama can pound the ball in with Darby and the O-line...this shouldn't even be close.
I think we come out with the win but we do have some kink to work out for the first few games.
I think it will be pretty close by the 4th but we pull away late so score it like this

Bama 27
UH 17

Personally I hope we stomp a mud hole in that a$$ :D
1st game of the year, there is always kinks. we will hold on for a good solid victory. look at last year 9-7 at half. dont get bothered by it, but we will hold on for the W.
Bama-- 40
Hawaii-- 10

JPW has a nice day throwing the ball and Darby has his way with them. JPW will be throwing more than you think on this team, especially if we get a lead. He will have to get his confidence up before getting into the conference schedule. I think he throws around 24- 28 passes at least. Maybe finish with around 200 -225 yds.

I am not one for predictions but everyone keeps thinking our defense is weak now and I hope all of our opponents think the same thing, watching the A-day and seeing the front four uh shouldn't have enough time to throw the ball all over the field. With SC and RR back not to mention some pretty good safties throwing the ball wont be that easy. My concern is LB coverage and can they cover like FR and DR did.. I think CJK will use a 3 man front most of this game with an extra CB or S to help cover their passing. On offense if we dont run KD down their neck then give them some of JJ we will have our hands full. JPW should pass the ball like say the first play of the game hit a long one to KB or DJ and see what happens after that pound their asses..
I agree WYT, sure our defense won't be as good as last year, but by no-means is our defense going to be weak...and I expect DJ Hall to have a break out year this season, and alot can depend on if we get Tyrone Prothro back (haven't heard an update in a while), and also our O-Line should be atleast improved from last year being that they only lost one starter, with the possibility of some depth this year...JPW will get things done as well
I believe the coaching staff did a nice job on rotating players, especially on defense. They did use some backups for the Cotton Bowl and they did an exceptional job shutting down Tech's passing game(who knew Brodie would outthrow Cody that game). I don't think this will be a close one but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
Well, I'm already nervous thinking about it. :?

For the newbies that's a normal thing for me. I will be my nervous-wreck-1st-game-of-the-season-self. :)

Their passing game makes me sick to my stomach. Will it be like Texas Tech all over again?
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