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The atlanta aubrun club is starting a petition to stop the bill that was passed here in Ga about preventing outside the state university prestige tags. We need to do something similar. Here is an email regarding it (I hate all of the barn references, but they are the strongest force in Georgia right now, so if we could band together, we may can prevent this from happening). Please spread it to all of your Bama friends living in Ga!

As many of you have probably heard by now, the Georgia state house passed a bill late last week that the media has referred to as the anti-Gator bill. It was launched in reaction to the fact that the Gator club will be getting a special tag in the state of Georgia.

While it appears the original intent of this bill was directed at the Gators, the language of the bill threatens to scuttle our own Auburn Club Special Tag in the state of Georgia. Rep. Barry Fleming, who is from Augusta and represents District 117, was a main sponsor of the legislation. He is the majority whip and happens to be challenging U.S. Representative Paul Broun for northeast Georgia's 10th District congressional seat.

This legislation has now been passed to a Senate committee, and we have received word that there could be a hearing in that committee as soon as this week.

The Atlanta Auburn Club is well represented on this matter and has been wor king multiple fronts from the start. As our team prepares for any possible committee hearing WE NEED EVERYONE'S HELP! Please see below for information on what you can do right now.

War Eagle!
The Atlanta Auburn Club

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Atlanta Auburn Club Needs Your Help! Make Your Voice Heard Now!

We all know how to make our voices heard in Jordan-Hare Stadium. We also know that when Auburn Tiger fans make a lot of noise -- we are the 12th Tiger on an amazingly AUsome and stingy defense.

Well, the Atlanta Auburn Club is looking for that same crowd roar right now. We have contacted all the other Auburn clubs across the state...and now we are contacting you. We are asking ALL T iger alumni, fans, students and family members in the state of Georgia to help us mount an overwhelming defense.

There is legislation in the Georgia Senate that could effectively kill the Auburn Club Special Tag license plate in our state. The bill is apparently not aimed at the Auburn tag -- but the language, and the fact that there is no grandfather clause, means we are caught in the net.

With some 10,000 of these Auburn Club tags on the road today --- and tens of thousands more that can still be added --- we need to prevent this legislation from moving forward!

Between now and Friday especially, we are asking everyone to write or phone their state senator and representative and voice your opposition to House Bill 1165 and any possible Senate version of that legislation.

Numbers speak volumes in the Georgia Assembly -- the more of us that speak up, the greater chance we have of defeating this b ill!

To be effective, please keep in mind these important points:

Keep it simple.
Tell these lawmakers that this bill is affecting Georgians -- let them know we care! Our legislature thinks all Georgians wear red and black.
Please NO form letters (they are ignored); these messages need to come from you!
Please refrain from any threatening language -- it is does nothing to advance our cause.
Remind our lawmakers that many of the Auburn faithful - were born here!
Above all, write or speak from the heart with typical Auburn class & dignity.
Remember: We ARE Auburn!!
The Atlanta Auburn Club is taking the high road on this matter. We simply have too many Tigers living in this state and too much beloved history in Georgia to do otherwise. From 1892 in Piedmont Park to Vince Dooley and Pat Dye there is much to be proud of on both sides of this "family." Auburn Tigers are and will remain a vital part of this state - as we have been for more than 100 years.

In the Greater Metro Atlanta area alone -- there are some 20,000 Auburn Tigers. If you are receiving this email, please forward it to more Georgia Tigers and get them involved, too!

We are fully aware that other groups are fighting this same legislation. But only the Auburn faithful can speak on behalf of Auburn Tigers who live in the state of Georgia - so make your voice heard!


Find Your Georgia State Senator & Representative Now!

Contact Governor Sonny Perdue

Add Your Name to Our Auburn Tigers in Georgia Petition!


Want to write all the senators? Copy & paste these addresses:
david.adelman@senate.ga.gov; don.balfour@senate.ga.gov; robert.brown@senate.ga.gov;
john.bulloch@senate.ga.gov; gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov; joseph.carter@senate.ga.gov;
ronnie.chance@senate.ga.gov; jeff.chapman@senate.ga.gov; bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov;
gail.davenport@senate.ga.gov; john.douglas@senate.ga.gov; vincent.fort@senate.ga.gov;
greg.goggans@senate.ga.gov; tim.golden@senate.ga.gov; johnny.grant@senate.ga.gov;
bill.hamrick@senate.ga.gov; ed.harbison@senate.ga.gov; seth.harp@sena te.ga.gov;
lee.hawkins@senate.ga.gov; steve.henson@senate.ga.gov; jack.hill@senate.ga.gov; judson.hill@senate.ga.gov; george.hooks@senate.ga.gov; ralph.hudgens@senate.ga.gov;
bill.jackson@senate.ga.gov; emanuel.jones@senate.ga.gov; michael.meyer@senate.ga.gov; dan.moody@senate.ga.gov; jeff.mullis@senate.ga.gov; jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov;
nan.orrock@senate.ga.gov; chip.pearson@senate.ga.gov; jb.powell@senate.ga.gov; ronald.ramsey@senate.ga.gov; kasim.reed@senate.ga.gov; chip.rogers@senate.ga.gov;
nancy.schaefer@senate.ga.gov; valencia.seay@senate.ga.gov; david.shafer@senate.ga.gov;
preston.smith@senate.ga.gov; cecil.staton@senate.ga.gov; doug.stoner@senate.ga.gov;
ed.tarver@senate.ga.gov; horacena.tate@senate.ga.gov; don.thomas@senate.ga.gov; regina.thomas@senate.ga.gov; curt.thompson@senate.ga.gov; steve.thompson@senate.ga.gov;
ross.tolleson@senate.ga.gov; renee.unterman@senate.ga.gov; dan.weber@senate.ga.gov; john.wiles@senate.ga.gov


Here is a link to an item that appeared on the editorial page of the AJC yesterday. It was authored by Auburn grad Wilson Trivino and is worth reading if you haven't already seen it.

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