| FTBL Bama Beating UGA

#1 Southern Cal vs. Oregon State = win/Southern Cal.

#2 Oklahoma vs. TCU = win/Oklahoma

#3 Georgia vs. Alabama = win/Alabama

#4 Florida vs. Ole Miss = win/Florida

#5 LSU vs. Ms. State = win/LSU

#6 Missouri = Bye Week

#7 Texas vs. Arkansas = win/Texas

All the teams listed above are ahead of us, with 'Bama being at #8.

I predict that with Missouri having a bye week and Georgia at #3 suffering a loss, we jump two spots over #7 Texas and #6 Missouri. 'Bama will actually be #6, taking Missouri's spot, that is what I meant.

If it is a really impressive win, by 17 points or more, we will take LSU's spot at #5.

This is all conjecture based on the AP poll, not the one that really matters, the Coach's Poll.

If we lose and it is a hard fought and tight game, we drop 4 or 5 spots. If it is blow out and 'Bama looks silly and inept, we could easily drop ten slots, maybe 12. If 'Bama looks Clemson stupid, like they don't know how to play football, we could theoretically drop out of the top 25.

It is a whole lot easier to fall than rise in the polls.
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