| BSB/SB šŸ„Ž#19 Alabama vs. #3 Tennessee -Bama avoids sweep with 1-0 shutout win on Sunday

Today's softball game was the only one of the weekend I was able to sit and watch, guess it was the right one. A ton of pressure on Beaver, she knows there's hardly any margin for error, and she delivered. And did so very efficiently.

Very efficiently. 90 pitches. Last couple of years Fouts would be over 100 in 6 innings more often than not.
Good game by Beaver. Glad for the win and avoiding the sweep. However, this team is still no better than what they were Friday and Saturday. Just got lucky today. Recruiting and getting players out of the transfer portal needs to improve plus CPM has got to change and catch up to todayā€™s game.
It's like when Iowa scores a touchdown!

As of this morning, Bama sits at 14th in RPI. RPI doesn't take "name" and "history" into account. Wins over Tennessee, UGA, Florida, Florida St., etc go a long ways to help keep our RPI high. Regional pairings will be very strange this year because of so many SEC teams in the 13-27 RPI rankings and conference teams can not match up in regional play. I could see Texas St, Clemson, or Virgina Tech in as a 2 seed in the Tuscaloosa regional. There is also an outside shot of South Alabama as well. They have had a fantastic season.
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