| PRO Are you "I don't watch the NFL" guys going to be pulled in tonight with Jalen, Smitty, and the Eagles?


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No doubt it was late. 8 seconds in the game and KC was still outside FG range had the guy not done that. Don't know what he was thinking, but you gotta believe one of your first thoughts at that moment are "don't do something stupid."
But...after 59+ minutes of hard physical play....and 17 weeks...
Your body is tired...and your mine is exhausted...

No excuse for sure...and...sure was one absolutes stupid moment.....


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Smitty asked where does the winning mentality come from?

Love DeVonta. The guy is a lot like Hurts with how humble he is. It's the reason I did not mind putting up a FatHead of him in my son's room. Most pro athletes are pretentious and not someone I want my kids to look up to, but DeVonta is the opposite and a humble being I wouldn't mind my son looking at and replicating.
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