| FTBL 3-2-1 Game....give me your picks...


3: Three teams that have a shot at winning the NC.

2: Two teams that do not have a chance of winning the NC.

1: The sleeper pick of the year.

And, let's get some reasons as to why...

My 3:

USC: Despite losing Sanchez to start the year, Mustain has all the talent around him to handle the offense until Sanchez returns.

Georgia: I know, I know. Their schedule. But, when I look over it I see one game that jumps out at me and that's on the road vs LSU. UF, I think Richt can handle that one for the second year in a row. UT and Bama both in Athens and USCe really has problems, yet again, on offense.

OU: That's my pick for the NC. Very well could have the best DL and OL in the country.

My 2:

Auburn: Too much turmoil within the team that has been festering since before spring and the lack of players for Frankin's offense.

West Virginia: Sorry, but Bill Stewart won't pull a Larry Coker except maybe getting fired in a few years.

My 1: Texas. In one word, Will Muschamp.

UGA: Possibly the most talented team in college this year with possibly the most explosive runningback. Their schedule is tough, but they are in the SEC. Tough is nothing new. My pick for the National Championship.

USC: They will sweep the Pac-10 this year, so a win vs Ohio State early on will put them in the drivers seat for the BCS #1 bid.

UF: Call me a SEC homer. UF is returning skill players where they need them and they are absolutely loaded with talent at every position. The winner of the UF/UGA game will play in the SECCG and most likely the BCS Championship game.


Ohio State: Here are the reasons....
2008 38-24 (Lost to LSU)
2007 41-14 (Lost to Florida
2002 31-28 (Lost to South Carolina)
2001 24-7 (Lost to South Carolina)
1996 20-14 (Lost to Tennessee)
1995 24-17 (Lost to Alabama)
1993 21-14 (Lost to Georgia)
1990 31-14 ((Lost to Auburn)
1978 35-6 (Lost to Alabama)

If Ohio State can beat USC, run the Big-10 and find themselves in the BCS National Game, it will be against a SEC opponent....and they will get spanked. Again.

LSU: I don't care what type of talent they are returning....their QB situation will keep them out of the NC hunt and possibly out of the SEC hunt.


Illinois: Zook has been able to recruit a lot of speed players the Big-10 normally doesn't focus on. If the ball bounces their way this fall, there's a chance they could get through the regular season either undefeated or only one loss.
3 That Do:

1- Oklahoma. Moreso because they play in a terribly weak conference where they only have to win two games against teams with comparable talent. Survive those games and you are in a one-shot contest where who-knows-what can and will happen. (The fact they are also talented does not hurt.)

2- THE Ohio State University. See reason for Oklahoma. Subtract them from this list if they do enter the BCS Title Game and an SEC team is on the opposing sideline (or a team who decides to dress in the colors of an SEC team for that one night).

3- (Cheating here) The winner of the Florida-Georgia game. LOADS of experienced talent all over the rosters of both. Good-to-excellent coaches. Proven at the critical QB position. Seasoned defenses. Difficult, but manageable, schedules that will give them a little buffer room if they lose a game along the way.

2 That Won't:

1- Army.

2- Navy.

Oh, wait. You mean two teams considered to have a chance. Then...

1- Clemson. Tommy Bowden is their head coach. End of discussion. (Although I think they will win our game because we will be too untested in the first game, replay this game in October and we win by 10+.)

2- USC. I just do not see the depth and discipline on their roster that many (most?) do. They are talented, especially compared to their fellow Pac-10 rivals (and would lead you to ask why the same rules applied to OU and THE OSU do not apply to SC - and you might have a point), but I just do not see the same personnel they had in the last few years.

1 Longshot:

1- Arizona St. Not too tough conference. Good skill players. Improving defense. Good, but crazy, Head Coach. Beat LSU and USC and there is nothing standing in their way.
My 3

Oklahoma - QB (Bradford) had a great Freshman year last year 36 TD passes, RB (Murray) if his repaired knee holds up he has the potential for a great year- tons of speed in that kid, a great offensive line to block for Murray and a great D. They will be undefeated for the Red River Shootout and if they can beat Texas I see them as a top 3 team.

USC - Great linebacking core with Maualuga and Cushing, secondary looks good with Mays and Ellison. Of course the media likes to rank them high. If they can get by Ohio St. and Arizona St. they should be able to handle the rest of their schedule.

Florida - Of course Tebow, he gets on my nerves but he is a very very good college QB and he has Percy Harvin to throw to again this year. I still think it comes down to Georgia or Florida for the SEC.

My 2

LSU - I just don't see them being able to be consistent offensively with a redshirt Freshman and Harvard transfer QB. They will not make it through the SEC without 2 losses and this will not be a 2-loss champion year. IMO

Clemson - I know they were not really hyped as a NC contender this year but IMO they are way overhyped. They have a great back with Davis and Kelly is a fine wide receiver, but their O-line is too green IMO.

My 1

Alabama - hell, I could not resist that one! :p
My 3

The Sooners-solid everywhere

The Dawgs - enough talent to deal with a tough schedule, experience at the key places

West Virginia - a cream puff conference, if they get through their trip to the barn they have a relatively easy path to the NC game

My 2

USC (their recent epidemic has greatly slowed down their pre season preparations)

OSU - dread of facing another SEC school in the post season will cost them a couple of games in the Big 10.

My 1

LSU - I know its odd to have the defending NC as your darkhorse pick, but they have a terrifiic o-line and are just re-loading on defense. If they can get just decent quarterback play (like Jay Barker in 1992) they can make a strong run. They have an important early game at the barn as well, and we should have a good idea about them after that.

Ohio State (the prospect of playing
3 that do:
Florida- if that young defense has matured at all, the gators will waltz into the national championship game. The offense is gonna score and score often, they just need a slice of defense to complete the meal.
Ohio State- the conference sucks. they have by far the best team in the big 10...and thats about it. If they don't play the SEC in a bowl game, they might win it all, that is if they servive the coleseum.
Auburn- coaching changes are nothing new on the plains, as a matter of fact, Tubby hasn't had the same OC and DC for two years in row since 03. Auburn must master that chinese fire drill offense in order to have a shot. Their D in my opinion will be the best in the SEC this year. If Tubbs can survive Morgantown and Tuscaloosa, they should be in good shape, even with a loss. (However I don't see them surviving Tuscaloosa this year)

2 that dont:
USC- they aren't the boogey man in the pac 10 any more. They'll lose at least 2 this year, maybe more. Their QB situation is very interesting. We'll see just how good of coach Pete Carrol is this year.
Georgia- go ahead, sue me. As much as I love Mark Richt and what he stands for, and as well as UGA was playing at the end of the year, it does not take away from the fact that the Dawgs simply have not been able to take care of business every week. They had a lot of off season arrests. Richt has always managed to lose a game or two that he had no business losing, whether it was just getting out coached (scar and tenn last year) or had bad luck (shockley gets hurt, lose to fla and aub in 05). I don't see that changing this year, either.
Longshot: Alabama.
This is not biased by any means. I base it on statistics and general gut feeling. This is year 3 of the three year cycle in which we are supposed to win 10 games. I think we will win 10, going 10-3 this year. However, should our offense get more consistent than last year, and our defense get slightly better, we have a chance. It's gonna depend on many things going our way, but it can be done. The attitude that this team has shown in the fall camp can take Alabama to the top if they are able to maitain the enthusiasm and mature quickly. We absolutely must do 2 things, in my opinion, to run the table:
1- eliminate turnovers and create them on defense.
2- run the ball, at least 100 yards per game to have a chance. We haven't been able to do that since 2005. Our record then? 10-2. Go figure.
Three that do:

1. Ohio State - They really are a good team. Returning the nation's best running back as a senior is also going to help. Not including USC, their schedule includes grueling games against the Ohio Valley Retirement Center, Youngstown Juvenile Detention Center, and the We Can daycare all-star team.

2. Georgia - This team is stacked. Moreno is going to rank up there as one of the best running backs Georgia has ever seen if he stays healthy. He'll show it even more this year. Stafford makes consistent throws and good decisions. Plenty of talent on both offense and defense.

3. Florida - Tebow. Tebow. Tebow. Oh yeah, the defense is going to be better this year too. Did anyone mention Percy Harvin?

Two that won't:

1. LSU - Quarterback? Do they even have one? While it may appear that they have a chance with a strong defense and playmakers all over the offense, quarterback play will make them suffer. Ask Alabama fans about it.

2. Auburn - ;pu 'nuff said.


THE University of Alabama:

Alabama has taken care of business in the offseason. We've been quietly doing our thing and doing things right. We'll beat Clemson and that's where things will come together. Confidence will be restored. We'll see players with a swagger. It all depends on the attitude of our team, IMO. We've got good athletes and skilled players, but we've been missing the attitude for a few years. I think Saban is bringing it back. Of course, there's a lot that will have to work out for us, but it could happen. That's why it's called a longshot.

Florida - an easy pick because of the schedule...all the tough games at home. UGA, LSU, and even Miami. UT & FSU on the road and I do not see them as a challenge to this talented team.

USC - Talent...the only reason they are here in my mind. The Trojans get five star recruits like Auburn changes coordinators! That alone makes me say they are in the hunt for a NC.

Oklahoma - I feel I need to put an asterisk beside what I am about to type...I think this is my team to win it all...talent and great coaching does that. That and the fact that they will not play Missouri unless they meet in the conference championship.

Having said that...I pick them to lose if they are facing Florida. I know...wishy washy...I cannot help it!


Georgia - Too tough of a schedule...I have just seen them fail time and time again. I don't think they have what it takes yet.

Ohio State - See 2007 NC Game: See 2006 NC Game


OK...so I'm a Homer! Alabama - I cannot help it ppl! :o :o
TerryP said:
3: Three teams that have a shot at winning the NC.

2: Two teams that do not have a chance of winning the NC.

1: The sleeper pick of the year.

And, let's get some reasons as to why...


Ohio St. - by far the most talented and experienced team in the Big Ten; no conference title game; one of the most talented and experienced teams in the nation; already ranked 2 and 3 in both polls; seeking redemption.

SC - easily the most talented team in the Pac 10 (if not the nation); no conference title game; already ranked 2 and 3 in both polls; also seeking redemption.

OU - despite all the preseason hype, the Big XII isn't as deep as advertised. while the Big XII may have more balance than the Pac 10 and Big Ten, its degree of balance falls far shorter to the balance displayed in the remaining three eastern BCS conferences. like OSU and SC, OU too is out for redemption. OU's string of BCS bowl misfortunes since their last national championship has to be getting under Stoops' skin. finally, like OSU and SC, they begin the season highly ranked at 4 in both polls.


UGA - i'm using the "schedule argument." funny thing is, i used the same argument against UF when Meyer won his national championship. in that season UF played the same upper half of the SEC West that UGA will play this season. the difference? the SEC East is the strongest division in any conference this season. furthermore, there have already been too many injuries and discipline problems.

LSU - ranked at 6 and 7 in the preseason polls, LSU is one of the nation's most overrated teams. LSU will be lucky to finish second in their division this season.


Texas Tech - we all know about Harrell, Crabtree, and Leach's offense, but they will actually have a defense this year. they beat OU last year, and in an overrated Big XII this could easily be their year.
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