| BSB/SB đźĄŽ#22 Alabama @ auburn [auburn takes series with 3-0 Saturday win]

Auburn's pump-up music is stupid as is whatever crap their players in the dugout are chanting.

I hate the barn.

66 is mowing Bama down. Nothing since Jenna Johnson's lead-off single.
A lot of these girls were rock solid recruits, several big time hitters in the bunch that have regressed to a point of non-competetiveness in the box!!!!
Hard to watch, even though I keep thinking this is the point they make a little noise…
Beaver is good enough to be in OKC, but the lack of offense is staggeringly miserable!!!
I hope the AD addresses these issues immediately. It’s a shame this program has fallen this far. Fans that have watched this program over the years know this fall just didn’t happen this year or last year but has been in the makings the past 7-8 years. Each year due to poor recruiting, no player development, poor in game coaching and etc Bama softball is now in the bottom half of the SEC. It’s time for someone to take control of this situation and that someone has to be the AD.
Softball has regressed to the back of the pack in the SEC and that means Nationally as well as the SEC basically is NCAA softball plus about 10 other schools. Watching this program go backwards the past three seasons is tough to watch. Girls can't even lay down bunts to move runners over. We don't have that bomber mentality or players on this roster and Murphy doesn't understand small ball or refuses to employ it.

OK St is #3 in the nation why?....... cause we couldn't retain their best two players on our roster..Kilfoyl and Bloodworth.The replacements we transferred in to those positions were steps down in talent. You trade an all American talent at pitcher for a mid major. And loose one of the highest rated recruits to ever come into the program for once again less talent.

If you can't recruit this best players in the game and retain them when we are a premier and historical program? ..... IDK.

Murphy built this program but if he can't adapt to todays game well ..... IDK.

If you can't coach your team up to execute fundamental skills like bunting you learn that in 10U.... IDK.

How do you take your team on the road against your arch rival needing to sweep a series to get back to .500 and a chance to host and show up so flat the coach has to call his team out in national TV?.... IDK.

Something still seems to be off in the locker room what? .... IDK.

But I bet there is a person who will know and that is Greg Byrne. Probably time for Byrne to have a tough conversation. Will Murphy listen?....IDK.
From what I understand, Byrne could care less about the women’s sports…. Could be BS but what I was told by a former GA/staffing assistant….
I don’t know that I believe that! Byrne seems too good at his job to turn a “blind eye” to the women’s side. Do that and you would have all kinds of Title IX shit in your lap!
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