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I'm using my 100th post to invoke the 24 hr rule. :lol: Kinda like last week....it's really kind of hard to be pi$$ed for 24 hrs. Good luck with yours...

Roll Tide! a$#
billfish said:
ULM.....whadda ya do? :oops:

The pain can confuse. If our future wasn't so bright I might really be pi$$ed.

You know Bill this isn't a personal shot at you, but if I hear one more person tell us about how bright the future is going to be. I'm going to be sick for real.

The one thing about the future is NOTHING is certain ever!
I know. No problem. It's really the only thing we can hang our hat on at the moment...funny isn't it... we're usually labelled living in the past. I really think there was some overindulgence at the beginning of the season which has brought us to hanging on the future. It's reasonable but does get old when it's hooked to every facet.When something goes wrong we jump on the future as a way to justify, remove the pain or whatever?

A loss like ULM is embarrasing but it's over and done. Gotta move on into the future and it's uncertainy.
I agree and I heard Saban say as much as well. I even heard him apologize. That's all anyone could expect. Can't say anything more. I'm sure the word accountability will be used more than once this week.
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