| MBB/WBB Juwan Howard and anger/violence back in the news again. This time, his son is "blowing up."


My first exposure to their sports fans was in Rhoads. I didn't find any to be obnoxious fans: a lot I found to be fat, pasty...sorry.

Then comes along Harbaugh. From "don't eat chickens" to spending the night on the floor of a recruits house to ... y'all know the story.

Then "video gate." But, still, no "hard feelings" if you will. The guy is a flat out nut case who can coach football.

Juwan? What is it now? Twice we've seen major "dustups" on the court with him attacking and threatening opponents and their coaches? "I'll gonna kill you" excused by "I'm a Chicago ..."

This doesn't come as a surprise. But good lord. It does hit: this is bad.

Jon Sanderson, the longtime Michigan basketball strength and conditioning coach and key figure on the staff of two Final Four teams, has officially parted ways with the university after 15 years with the program.

The university confirmed Sanderson’s departure in a statement to The Athletic, saying: “Jon Sanderson has resigned his position with the University of Michigan Athletic Department, effective March 1. We appreciate Jon’s contributions over the years and wish him the best going forward.”

Sanderson’s exit comes after reaching a settlement with the university, two sources briefed on the agreement said. That agreement includes a non-disclosure clause, those sources said.

Sanderson wrote that Jace Howard “was berating” the trainer and caused a “scene” that prompted several players to stop and watch. Sanderson described the scene as “totally out of control,” and said the trainer was trying to calm Jace Howard down and get him to discuss the matter privately. Noticing the trainer looking increasingly desperate and “panicked,” Sanderson intervened, yelling at Howard from roughly 30 feet away “you’re a student athlete and he is a professional. You don’t talk to a professional like that. That is disrespectful and entitled.” He said he repeated that the tirade was “disrespectful.”

Sanderson wrote in the email to Manuel that he tried to de-escalate the situation, turning his back and walking away. When Sanderson looked back, he said Juwan Howard came at him, “angry and ready to fight,” repeatedly yelling as players and staff held him back.

“He kept aggressively pursuing me to fight, as the players and staff were doing their best to restrain him. He was out of control, it was an ugly scene. I had no choice but to stand my ground, I didn’t back down. A few of the players and staff got in front of me as well in an effort to keep us separated,” Sanderson wrote.

Howard was ‘cleared’ of wrongdoing by the athletic department a week after the reported incident.

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