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will bame beat georgia

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I have to pick Bama because I am a fan. I always feel so weird picking other teams. This one really could go either way but I hope we "go teach the bulldogs to behave".
I don't think UGA will be any great shakes this year. If they under perform this year, and I think they will, Richt's seat will get hot.
Hope the game isn't like '02. That one broke my heart. The stadium was absolutely rocking after that fumble was run for a TD but then was deleted due to a false start on UGA's part. :roll: Should have known then things were not to be that day. :?
Then Peprah returned that pick for a TD, and I literally thought the stadium would bust. I'ver personally never heard it that loud @ BDS.

Unfortunately UGA very calmly stopped our next drive leaving us to punt from deep in our own territory. Some thought Fran went way too conservative on that possession. :?: They got the ball at midfield with a minute or two left, controlled the ball and drove it down to FG territory. I don't need to go any further.

That was a long drive home for me after yet another tough loss. I hope for different results this year. It would be nice for one Mr. Stafford to become well acquainted with one Mr. Castille. :D
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