| FTBL Who do you wanna see lose the most???

Who do you want to lose more??

  • Texas, sick of hearing about them too

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  • VT, never have liked frank beamer

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  • Bama, vote for this and die.....

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  • Georgia, they are overrated anyway

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LOL! I think we may end up having a unanimous poll here. :lol: I'm like you guys; I'm so ready to see USC bite the bullet. Unfortunately I don't see it happening now. Thye could still get upset but with their talent, it rpobably aint happening. Notre Dame had the best shot at knocking them off I think. :cry:
I'm with you porkchop....I don't see USC getting beat until the Rose Bowl and even at that they have had all season to get their defense together, because the offense has been hitting on all 8 cylendars....

I will be pulling for Texas, but I think they will have their hands full.

We will be like Auburn last year.....all dressed up and no place to go.

I think if we go undefeated along with Va Tech then you should have a split NC like in times past. Right now though I still think we will only have 3 undefeated teams at best going into the bowl match up.
UCLA, I think, has the best shot at beating USC. They almost did it last year as a 6-4 team. USC doesn't prepare as well from week to week as they do over those long layovers before bowl games and UCLA is a very good team this year. Offensively they're explosive with...can't remember his name :lol:....at WR. They have their own little Prothro out there in other words. Not to mention it is a rivalry game and UCLA will want it just that much more.
AllieBama said:
I just don't want them to 3-peat. After this season, I'll be okay with them winning again.

Agreed. All this "dynasty" crap the sports media is throwing around makes me ill. Personally, I think Texas has played better and more emphatically all year. If it does come down to Texas vs. USC for the NC I think Texas really has a good chance of coming out on top. I know I will be one yelling for Texas to Hook 'Em! :D
I don't care who loses first as long it's not us. I think USC is a machine. They can turn it on offense like no team I've ever seen. Texas is pretty darn impressive on both sides of the ball. I think Virginia Tech will lose before USC or Texas. We'll take care of Georgia if Florida doesn't this weekend.

I hate Texas fans probably because I live in Texas, not alabama :cry:

they are so dang cocky about their team and they rub it in my face when they win. i didn't even make fun of them, but i will if they lose to old man fran :wink:
Here's what we need to happen.

Of course we would have to win out....

UGA needs to keep winning right on up til we "would" face them in the SEC title game. The more impressive the win is, the later in the season it is, the better it will be for Bama.

LSU only loses to us, AU only loses to UGA and us(unfortunately taking them to 4 losses, but hey....)

UF only loses to UGA and beats FSU to give us a little boost in the rankings.

USM wins out including knocking off NC St (which further hurts Va. Tech).

Va. tech loses to either Miami or FSU.

USC needs to lose to UCLA, they're the ones who wouldn't get any redeeming games after that...maybe UCLA gets upset by someone along the way because I get this sneaking suspicion that if all this were to work out then they maybe allowed to jump us rather than USC simply falling behind them.

setting us up to face Texas in the Rose Bowl. :D
It would be good for UGA to lose to the Gators this weekend to give our strength of schedule a shot in the arm. Every time UF plays our win against them looks less impressive.
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