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How the heck is there not more being made of this? I have heard NOTHING about it. Does anyone know what the latest is? Does the NCAA just hope we will all forget and that this will go away for the darling of the NCAA? Is the media colluding (knowingly or not) to HELP this story go away?

It makes me SICK!!
USC facebook

I am new to this board so I appologize if this has been discussed. Has anyone seen the facebook at USC where the white players on the football team had a picture of a black baby in handcuffs, and the caption below said arrest criminals before they commit a crime? This was reported in the daily trojan which is their campus newspaper. I never did see this discussed on the mighty ESPN. Can you imagine if this would have happened at Alabama or any other SEC school for that matter?
There would have been hell to pay. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to RIOT!!

That's right I said it. Petitions don't help. What will? It is not just college football...it is the bias against the south and the plains states. This is BS!

( :wink: I know this is what brandishes us as fanatic...but I really don't think that most of us deserve that. Well if they are going to keep s#$*ing on us........you know what I mean)
Thanks for the link. I am sure nothing will come of it but at least someone in the gosh dang media is paying attention to it.

If this was Alabama or Oklahoma or some team like that, they would be on this like white on rice in a cup of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm.
This makes me sick to my stomach. It's almost blatanly obvious alot of wrong doing happened here. The fact an athlete with alot of money can persuade a few to find loopholes to cheating is disgusting.

With Alabama, you guys got near close to hell with paying an amount nowhere near close to Reggies $300,000 plus in benefits. What a fair world.
I don't understand the thought process of those that are wishing ill will on USC. Most of their fans respect the Alabama program and always speak highly of us when it comes to all time great teams.

Also, the whole thing is under federal investigation so we will see what may come from this but it will take a long time. Remember, it took about 4 years of investigating and creating evidence for the NCAA to hammer us.
I think a lot of the frustration comes the perception that the NCAA looks the other way for its commercial big boys and anyone outside of the South.

What is going on at USC seems like a blatant example of cheating and another instance in which the NCAA will do nothing about it if at all possible. And what are they going to do? Bush's family are seemingly in the process of buying out all witnesses involved and including gag orders in the settlements. So what is the NCAA going to do? Nothing, even if they could.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that this was the same NCAA that dinged Nebraska (and I kid you not) for alledgedly.....buying Eric Crouch a sandwich on a recruiting visit. A sandwhich. The kid was hungry and the college pays the price for buying a sandwhich. Yet the same NCAA dropped thier investigation of Ohio State because they claimed that Maurice Clarett (the person who started the investigation) couldn't be reached and wouldn't return their phone calls. Interesting, since every NFL scout and coach in the league knew how to get in tough with Clarett at the NFL combines. ;scr

The same NCAA that brought in the government against Alabama can't conduct an investigation against OSU because the whistle blower won't comply? Come on. You don't even believe that I know.
It's not that any of us wish any ill will towards USC, it would just be nice to see the NCAA be fair. They'll pooh-poohed all the violations against all their darlings the last few years while raping Bama. Consistency would be welcomed.
Yes, it would be nice to see the NCAA be consistant but that is not going to happen. Look at UT, OSU and Wisconsin. They have already proved that they are not fair. They have hit USC before with sanctions in the 90s so it isn't like they have never hit USC before.
One thing we know is that the NCAA had a vandetta against us and that is why they hit us like they did. The Barry Switzer issue with the NCAA is why OU will likely get hit again. Bama embarrased them before in the courts, along with Jerry Tarkanian and Barry Switzer. They ruined Tark's carreer, declared war on us and will likely do the same to OU because of it.
All I know, is that it wasn't a bunch of USC fans that came after us, made accusations and was bent on destroying us. It was our SEC brothers that cheered for that.
And don't forget, if it was about money then they would not have came after us because we generate more revenue than USC, WIsconsin or Ohio State.
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