Is USF for real or are they a flash in the pan

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rick4bama said:
I think here to stay.
Me too. I think that they've got the coaching staff in place to make things happen, and they've got some young talent that is already pretty good but with another year or two? Look out! And they have Mike Ford. The boy is going to be awesome.

JMHO though. :)
I think they are a flash in the pan of sorts. By sorts, I don't think they will become a powerhouse year after year. However, I feel like they will become the next Louisville. A few years they will have championship seasons, more than most they will have fairly solid seasons (8-9 wins), and every now and then they will have mediocre seasons.

I come to this conclusion based upon a couple of things. I still think they will lose most of the blue chip talent to UF and FSU. Every few years they should expect to have a solid team and a few unheralded recruits turn into major stars (like their QB and some of their defensive players this year). However, there will also be years when the talent just isn't there and no diamonds in the rough emerge. Their coaching is top notch for now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them move on to bigger and better jobs. Most of the time when coaches leave it creates problems and USF should be no different (i.e. this year's Louisville) And finally, their conference is weak enough for them to go to a bowl almost every year.
USF is not one of your normal run-of-the-mill "directional" schools. Their enrollment is almost 45,000, and they recruit in the Tampa area. There are a lot of good football players that come out of the Tampa/St. Pete area. They will get their share, now that they've started winning. I just don't know how Leavitt's leaving would affect the program (if he left, I mean).
It's kind of a tricky question because there are some variables, but I would say based on what we know now, they are here to stay.

As long as Leavitt stays and the system has continuety and the Bulls are able to pull in all the prop48's and such....then yeah. It's a tailor-made scenario. They are based in Florida and at worst, get the leftoevers from that state (who are better than a lot of other state's top performers). Not to mention, they can take in players who would not make it academically in other schools.

Leavitt can almost cherry pick players at this point. I would say it's a nice position to be in. USF should continue to be a formidible team in years to come.
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