| FTBL Thoughts on FSU-Clemson and the line?

Well I want FSU to win so both teams can be undefeated when we meet. However, I would feel pretty good about beating the Seminoles if they were to lose tonight.
Well with 3:17 to go in the first Clemson is laying the smack down on FSU. 14-0

I am not too impressed with FSU at this point, but their is still 4 weeks till we play them. Their O-line is very young.

We will see if our young defense can take it to their young offense. I hope so. :D
BamaDelta said:
TerryP said:
I'm honestly thinking FSU wins by double digits.

Wanna edit your post? :wink:

No, but I did search this thread out this morning just to say how wrong I was.

I got caught up watching the series on ABC, Nine, online and that made it impossible to pay close attn. to the game. That being said, it certainly appears to be a game of two halves, with FSU doing much, much better in the second. A case of Clemson coasting or a case of FSU putting it together? I can't answer that...

About the only thing I can draw from the game is the knowledge LSU fans will be rejoicing Fisher isn't on the sidelines anymore in BR. (can't say I agree with their notion). Oh, I do wonder how FSU fans feel this morning considering how happy they were to rid themselves of the Jeff Bowden system.

My next prognostication? Clemson will be a media darling for a few weeks and end the season much like they've done in the past.
Definitely a game of two halves. If the FSU o-line plays well they will be tough. The o-line was terrible in the first half, which led the FSU D on the field and defending their territory the whole time. The second half the o-line was much stronger and Clemson barely pulled off the win. One thing I noticed throughout is FSU's lack of polish. Throughout the whole game the had several key dropped passes and multiple penalties that killed drives. They really did not have a gamebreaker type reciever from what I saw and looked slower than FSU teams of the past.
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