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Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele flirted briefly with Tennessee before speaking last week to South Alabama about its newly created football program. The nature of that discussion is up for debate. There are those at UA who expressed that Steele's meeting with USA was of more of an advisory nature, with him helping choose the eventual coach and course. Perhaps ... but it's looking more and more like Steele is a serious candidate for the job.

Now, USA athletics director Joe Gottfried has spoken to a large number of coaches, including former Tide WR Joey Jones of Birmingham-Southern last week. Gottfried has been quiet about names and intent, but said he is in no hurry to make such an important hire (as in, after Signing Day on Feb. 6). The job is a unique one and the stakes are so high for the future of USA athletics that Gottfried's hire must be sound.

Surely we won't lose Steele. Right? Somebody talk me down. I LOVE Steele. But, what was the nature of this "flirting" with Tennessee?
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