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What a weekend of football.

It started with a great game on Thursday and lasted into the late on Sunday.

Auburn vs. WVU
1. ESPN picked this game up in the beginning of the season. With Auburn ranked #6 in the nation and WVU #10. It was a much different story come Thursday night.
2. The barn tried to copy Alabama’s game plan versus UGA. Score early and hold on to the lead. The only problem. They didn’t hold on to anything.
3. WVU scored 31 STRAIGHT!!! Auburn: How hard is it go score at least a field goal?
4. WVU had 200 more yards of total offense!!!
5. The barn controlled the ball for 10 more minutes then WVU. AND STILL COULDN’T SCORE!
6. WVU showed Auburn what a “spread QB” looks like!!
7. Leave it to Auburn to make the SEC look bad.

Boise St. vs. San Jose St.
1. Just give them the BCS bid.
2. Boise St. plays harder teams then USC!
3. Can we put Boise St. in a conference that gets a BCS bid so we can shut up the mid-majors.
4. Congrats, you beat a team that 99 people out of 100 either didn’t know existed or cant tell you what state the game was played in.

Tulsa vs. UCF
1. Another Mid-Major playing nobody.
2. We should put all the undefeated mid-majors and stick them in a conference and have them play for the BCS spot.

1. I can describe BYU in one word: OVERRATED!!!!!

Virginia vs. GT and Virginia Tech vs. FSU
1. Virginia is a ACC power? that’s a joke!
2. Does the ACC even get a BCS bid?
3. I vote to give the ACC’s BCS bid to the SEC. So the SEC can get two. Since we know how to play football!!!
4. I vote for the ACC just to play basketball and quit football.
5. For the first time since VT joined the ACC it is looking like Virginia will place higher then them.
6. I vote for “The University of Virginia”

Missouri vs. Colorado
1. Can someone teach Colorado what a defensive coordinator does and how IMPORTANT his job is?
2. That’s just embarrassing. The score was 58-0.
3. Again is it Mizz or Mizzou or Missouri?
4. Big 12? Damn!!! Where did they get the “big” from?

Kentucky vs. UF
1. UF should just be ashamed! Who gives up a safety in the 4th quarter! You cant expect to win if you play like that. O’ my bad. They had a 156 point lead. They did that because they felt bad for UK.
2. UK scored!!!
3. Florida LET UK score!!!
4. I thought the SEC had a “Mercy Rule”

TTU vs. Kansas
1. Did you know that they don’t play defense in the Big 12?
2. 35 to 14 at halftime.
3. 63 to 21!!
4. Total yards by TTU - 556
5. If you cant stand the heat….get the hell out of the kitchen! Kansas and Colorado have just been kicked out of the “No defense 12” conference.
6. How do you lose by that much when all they do is throw? Just protect the throw! They only had 80 yards rushing!!! I could do a better job in that conference!

1. LSU thank you for punching Alabama’s ticket to the SEC Championship Game.
2. Dear Les Miles: UGA scored 52 points on you! 52 points!
3. LSU needs a Lou Holtz Prep Talk!
4. 52 points at HOME!! That’s just embarrassing!
5. Dear LSU QB: Your team wears white and yellow!!! NOT RED! How do you turnover the ball on the first play of the game.
6. ESPN stat of the game “30. LSU had won 30 straight home games that were played on Saturdays, with its last Saturday home loss coming in 2003.” That’s not going to be your only loss this year at home.
7. P.S. LSU fans. I heard Skip Holtz is available for a coaching job. He can get his team to play in BIG games.
8. LSU can now join OSU for losing Big Games!
9. Death Valley was properly named! LSU you guys are dying.
10. Dear LSU Fans: 11-08-2008

USC vs. Arizona
1. USC won…again….versus a high school team.
2. USC dropped in the BCS rankings! Thank GOD!!!
3. Im done talking about them
4. Arizona, you failed the whole country. Millions of fans where rooting for the upset. Thanks for failing us. You suck!

Oklahoma vs. Kansas State
1. Dear Kansas, You are the only team in the Big 12 all year to only allow 3 points in the second half!
2. HOLY S#@$, KANSAS kinda had a defense in the second half.
3. Halftime score: 55-28.
4. Who scores 55 points in the first half? O’ a Big 12 team!
5. Thank god the BCS polls don’t had “Margin of Victory” anymore. Because if they did every Big 12 team would be in the Top 10.
6. 55 points at halftime! That’s just sad! And Kansas was the home team. Who scores 55 points on the road by halftime?
7. Dear Kansas State: In any other league 35 points would win games. But not in the Big 12.

Penn St. vs. Ohio State
1. THE University of Ohio State will not be the national championship game. Thank god! I’m sick of them losing.
2. How many times do I have to say : PENN STATE IS FOR REAL??
3. Penn State is good and for real!
4. BOTH teams played Defense!!! WOW, that’s something new.
5. Dear Penn State: Can you please send your game tape the Big 12. They want to see a defense in action.
6. Penn State is for real!!!

Texas vs. Okie State
1. This is the only game this year in the Big 12 that defense was played.
2. It was a good game and Okie State is good!
3. Dear Okie St.: You cant let McCoy throw for 391 yards and expect to win.
4. Texas had 504 total yards! That’s a low score for that many yards!
5. Texas QB will win the Heisman this year!!!
6. If Texas can win next week they will go to the National CG. They are really good!

1. HEY VOLS….We just beat the hell out of ya!!!!!!!
A couple of thoughts...

2. USC dropped in the BCS rankings! Thank GOD!!!

USC was at #5 last week, and they are #5 this week. I assume, they have less points this week?

6. ESPN stat of the game “30. LSU had won 30 straight home games that were played on Saturdays, with its last Saturday home loss coming in 2003.” That’s not going to be your only loss this year at home.

OK, let me see if I have this correct.

First of all, before I go any further, I admit I learned something last year when I was taught that losses in overtime are not the same thing as losses in regulation.

Now, a new revelation. If you lose a game on a Friday or a Monday it doesn't count as the same type of loss as a game you lose on Saturday. Now I'm left wondering how long it will be before they include "what day of the week you won/lost on" in the BCS formula?

6. Penn State is for real!!!

I like Penn State. I like JoePa. I respect what they have put together as a team this year considering so many tried to write JoePa off the last few years.

But, I have to weigh the 2008 results for Penn State versus the fact only 2 of their 9 opponents have winning records. And, one of those (Oregon State) is 4-3.

For real? That's a question that can't be answered yet. And, that question mark is in bold.

2. It was a good game and Okie State is good!

I've been watching what's going on at Okie State this year. So, I want to leave you something to chew on for a few minutes.

After 4 years under their former head coach they had a .571 winning percentage.

In the middle of the 4th year under Gundy, they are sitting at .555 and have a good chance to have a better winning percentage and higher rank after this season than they ever did under their previous coach.

One could have some fun with a few story lines around these figures...

Most of those other teams don't fall into my "wonder what is going on there" category. :D
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