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I think we will be putting four and five men on the d-line throughout the game on Saturday, more often than seeing 3 guys down. They have five seniors on the o-line. What do yall think
reger60 said:
I'm expecting a lot more blitzes this weekend. Look for linebackers and an occasional safety to exploit the gaps and put lots of pressure on the QB.

I am expecting the same. Proabably the same looks as the WCU game but with a lot more blitzing. The WCU game was as basic as possible. Saban will put pressure on the QB for sure.
^^ yea they used the nickel for the most part (4-2-5) with Keith Saunders playing alot with his hand in the dirt. i think we'll prolly do alot of the same this weekend with a ton of more blitzes. especially from Zeke Knight at backer and prolly alot of DB blitzes from Mitchell, Simeon, & Rashad.
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