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porkchop said:

Nice little jab at Bama... Think a certain regent will take kindly to this?

Aug. 13 :

"TOTAL MUM ON THIS. A certain highly regarded prospect who has committed to Michigan showed up at practice Saturday wearing a USC cap, for which he took a lot of guff. ;)

"As they say in recruiting, it's a long time until February. Same for kids who say they're going to, oh, say, Alabama," it said.
Shipley, that's more McKensie talking in that line than fRan, IMO.

IF fRan indeed is fired, and McKensie isn't still employed by Fran Inc., (and there is no confidentiality agreement) I suspect we'll finally see a book coming out about his career. I doubt it'll be all the truth though...
The latest from TexAgs and the athletic dept has McKenzie gone. I've seen the official "McKenzie is no longer employed by the athletic department" memo posted already.

McKenzie is taking a lot of the fall for now but it's a prelude to what will come. Aggie fans almost to a man are predicting Franchione's firing at season's end. The only thing keeping him in place now is Byrn's (TAM AD) commitment to the fans and school, and his reluctance to ever fire a coach in-season. Right now Byrn feels like it would be more harmful to fire Franchione while the team still has a chance to finish the season on a decent note (record wise). He wont sabotage that to get Fran.
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