| CURRENT EVENTS The Border Bill. I've got what I think is a simple question. Thoughts?


There are several different aspects of the proposed bill I don't like. If I were sitting in Washington, I'd have voted against the bill. No second thoughts.

There is one thing about that proposal that just doesn't make sense to me given what we've been told.

One of the components of the bill is they would stop border crossings, every day, when they reach the 5000 limit. If I understand this correctly, #4999 and #5000 can get in, but #5001 is stopped (until tomorrow.)

If they have the ability to stop at 5000 doesn't that mean they have the ability to stop at 1?
Bad choice of words. When is the latest a woman should be able to get an abortion?

If you or any of you can listen to this doctor and think it’s ok. Then I just don’t know about you.
I was going to stay out of this, but here it is.

I know 2 women that have had abortions. One is a drunk, she’s 50 and looks 75. I don’t associate with her but knew her “back in the day”. Another is a pretty successful business woman, but she still (over 30 years later) still has nightmares and has daily cry’s over it.
I feel it’s never “ok” to destroy an innocent life. That is the reason she reached out to me several years ago, because I didn’t hide my thoughts about what she did. She respected that….
I’m not here to judge anyone, but it is what it is.
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