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Anyone going to the Tennessee game? My friend and I are coming down for the game. Luckily, I got to go to A-Day and Western Carolina, but Tennessee will be the first I get to tailgate. Where will everyone be? I know I'm still new here, but still my stop by and introduce.
Nate said:
My wife is having surgery the Thursday before the game, so we will probably spend most of the day at Ferg. then head to the game.

So, is your wife similar to mine?


Alabama vs. Florida 2005.

The morning of the game she wakes up with laryngitis. She can't speak above a whisper and looks pale and very sickly. I'm beginning to worry about her as I watch her struggle to get ready and I ask, "Are you sure you feel like going?" She looks at me, and in a broken whisper says," Are my eyes bleeding?"

"N-No," I reply.

"Well then," she says," We're going to the damn game." :lol:

Anyway, hope the surgery goes well. See you at the game!
yeah, its just laproscopic surgery :)

during 05 season she had been cut hip to hip one week prior to the lsu game.. and let me tell ya.. Pushing a wheel chair that day was TERRIBLE!!! with Game day in town all the LSU fans.. but I sure was proud of her for sticking it out :)

hopefully she'll be just fine :)
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