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1. Location; grew up in Philly, home is now in South Jersey, go to college in Washington, DC.
2. Age; 22
3. Sex; female
4. Interests/hobbies; SPORTS!!!, traveling, music, books, movies, Chinese language
5. Favorite Bama Game and players; as a relatively new Bama fan compared to some of you guys, I have to go with the LSU-Bama game this past season, where it came down to the wire and some late game heroics by AJ. Truly a nail biter. ND game is a close second because we DESTROYED them. My favorite Bama players at the moment are AJ McCarron, Barrett Jones, TJ Yeldon, Jesse Williams, Eddie Lacy, and CJ Mosley. Looking forward to seeing OJ Howard on the field.
6. Favorite other website you frequent; the only other sites I use frequently are Facebook and Netflix, lol. I go on a ton of sports sites but none regularly, just random browsing.
7. Any other information you would like to add; I am very glad to be here! Best Bama forum out there! You guys are an awesome bunch.
8. Add your picture if you like to put a face with the name; <-- My Facebook. Don't really have any great pictures floating around but it's me holding a panda last year when I studied abroad in China, haha. Feel free to add me, but be warned, as I post a lot of sports crap :pinkbiggrin:
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