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But oh god, are they pimping the possibility of an upset or what? Hell, I'm beginning to think that Auburn beating them would be an upset.

Look Auburn is 100x more talented, as hard as it for me to admit, and they COULD destroy Vandy. On the other hand, even on Auburn's worst day, Vandy would just get by.

I know The Dore's are undefeated, but so is the Luxembourg Army, since 1500. That doesn't mean they can play with the big boys.

My prediction is that Auburn wins, even if it is a freakshow. AUB-19 Vandy-6.

And oh by the way, Vandy also loses next week to Mississippi State, then to UGA, then to Duke. Yeppers, 4 in a row. They will beat Rice in November, before taking a beatdown from Florida. They will get bowl eligible by beating Tennessee :lol:
Vandy runs 75% of the time. I don't see them doing that very well at all against Auburn's D. On the other hand Auburn's offense is still in turmoil, so the game will stay close, probably decided by turnovers and the kicking game.
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