| FTBL Sec Championship Tickets?

I have been shopping on all the known ticket sources online, i was just wondering if any of you guys had any for sale on here?? Obviously they are expensive so i am searching any avenue to get the best price.
Did any of the students on here get tickets? A person I live next to today said she only knew one student getting tickets and he was a third year law student.

I think people with over 100+ hours got shafted. That's wrong if you ask me.
JacobGibson05 said:
I heard you had to have almost 140+ hours to get them. You only need 124 to get a degree so its like 5th, 6th year seniors got them and grad students. Plus only like ~980 students got them...

:shock: Thats it? Thats also alot of hours to put in...
JacobGibson05 said:
Yeah thats it... pretty dumb.
Ok BDS is ~92k and students get 11k that about 12%
The GA dome is 71k and bama get 1/4 of that ~18k
They give students 980 thats only 5.5% now....

That is ^^BSFLA to say the least!
I went in 1994 as a student and we camped out for the ticket office in CC to open on Monday morning. Paid the face of the ticket. There were a lot of students in the endzone. Not sure how many, but more than 559. More like 2k. It was like two whole sections. Walking up and down the isle was like being in the student section of BDS. Saw all kinds of people we knew.

If this is how it is now, I feel bad for you guys.
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